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March 12th, 2012

10:06 am - undercuts with dreads?
anyone have pics of undercuts and dreads together, either synth extensions or naturals? i used to have a dreadhawk and let the shaved bits grow to dread, however i'm interested in doing a smaller undercut - like nape and maybe an inch or two over the ears, and need pix for inspiration. thanks.

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January 3rd, 2012

for the new year i decided to go for a new haircut... an undercut! my roommate and i did this last night and i love it! we just did a basic side square using a beard trimmer, it was super easy!

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October 24th, 2011

03:39 am - I need opinions
Hi! I am new to live journal as a whole, so bare me if I suck at it.

I have been absolutely obsessed with undercuts lately, and I really want to get one.
I am only concerned about one thing, I have very fine, pretty thin hair. my pony tail is about as thick around as a nickel, if that.
I would want just a small side undercut, ending at the back of the ear line.
What do you think?
Could I pull it off?

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October 4th, 2011

10:46 am - Advice?
I have a hair appointment today at 3pm
I am trying to grow out most of my hair for a really long undercut.
But I want a mini one right now. Maybe in the back or something?
I'm not sure.
Pictures are under the cut.

there be treasures under hereCollapse ) 

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September 19th, 2011

05:11 pm - GIANT EDIT.
This was originally a post of me wanting an undercut and being scared and not being sure if it'd look good because of the way my bangs were before, but then i got impatient and did it anyway. :3

SO, insteaddd, here's some before/afters. :3 

cut cut cut herp herp herpCollapse )

Whaddya'll think????? :3

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September 22nd, 2011

01:09 am - Help/Advice?
Edit: Advice no longer needed. Got the cut!

Pictures under the cutCollapse )

I LOVE it. I think I might go back and get a bit more area clippered off. :D

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September 7th, 2011

08:48 pm - My Spontaneous Undercut

A month or so ago I was hanging out with my best friend Louise, who happens to be the person who usually cuts my hair. We were watching a movie and I said, "I should get an undercut..", almost absentmindedly.
Louise turned and stared at me, started smiling like a mental person, then bounced up from her seat and got her scissors. 2 minutes later there was no turning back. I can't imagine growing it out; I am in love!

Before and AfterCollapse )

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April 4th, 2011

08:22 am - Recently got my first undercut...
 I've been wanting one for ages but didn't know where to go to get it done... then discovered an alternative hair salon right on my doorstep! 
The guy was great and said cutting my hair made his day. He shaved it to 4mm, might go 2 or 3 next time. 

I love it. Its just on one side for now, might extend it next time I get it cut. 

Photo under the cutCollapse )

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February 20th, 2011

02:24 am - HOLA!
My names Natasha im 21 years young in Austin Tejas.
I dont have an undercut BUT i do have a long mohawk like cut.
I had my bf shave the sides of my head for me and I love it :D I had long hair past my shoulders, still have it but with no sides.

I was wondering if any of you ladies could help me with hair styles or guide me to websites; other communities that have ideas and helpful tips for hair styles.

I only wear it down or in a pony tail. I'll be getting my dreads braided back in really soon and cheetah spots on the sides but until then I was wondering about other hair styles.

Thank you in advance ladies :)

Within 2 months my hair has gone from
Hair stylesCollapse )

Thanks again ladies.
Hopefully this community will be more active
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November 15th, 2010

11:19 pm
hey guys
my name is Isobel, I've been growing my hair out for quite a while now, and with summer coming up and quite frankly being bored as hell with my hair, I've decided it's time for a slightly more radical summer haircut than just shortening the whole thing. I really love the undercut as executed on other people, but I'm not sure it would look any good on me. so I was hoping you guys could give me some honest and if needs be brutal advice on whether I should get an undercut. I took some pictures to give you a general idea of how long/curly my hair is. I'm thinking of keeping the length roughly the same as it currently is, but I'm open to suggestions.

after the cut is some pics of my current hair.

readCollapse )

thanks in advance!

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